Putting up a testimonial of our Student Sneha who wishes to express her gratitude to GATE SCHOOL for her GATE Preparation. It was not the first time that Sneha was giving her GATE Exam.

Ms. Sneha . Mumbai.

She had an attempt before but scored less. She was introduced to GATE SCHOOL by one of her friend and that is how her journey started. Her trainer Shivank helped her pursue her dreams, by guiding her wherever it was required. We also spoke to Shivank regarding Sneha’s GATE Preparation and here’s what he said,
‘Sneha was a very focused student and her diligence helped her achieve this. It was her belief and hard work that brought such good scores.Also,  She was very attentive in all her sessions and worked out on her flaws wherever necessary. And, the results are of course in front of us.’
Let us go through her journey of GATE Preparation from her own words.
Thank you Sneha, we are glad we could help you out with your GATE Preparation.