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What is the Mentorship Model

Mentorship is a unique one to one personalized guidance sessions provided by GATE School to all the students. They are aimed at ensuring the completion of syllabus, complete understanding and doubt resolution of the students. It ensures that someone other than the student is responsible for student’s studies and success.

Key Features

Feature 1 - Qualified and Trained Mentors

Every single mentor has successful GATE experience or a teaching experience and has gone through rigorous training.

Feature 2 - Time & Location Flexibility

Mentors can be based anywhere in India and sometimes, outside India as well. They may opt to work at any hours as per their convenience.

Feature 3 - Steep Learning Curve

Mentors, while mentoring, learn not just subject matter, but also student management and project planning, enhancing their careers!

What a Mentor does

  • Study Planning - Make a day-by-day calendar for the student.
  • Doubt Resolution - Helps the student get rid of all the doubts on a regular basis.
  • Growth Monitoring - Monitors the progress or the lack of it and takes appropriate action.
  • Test Compliance - Ensuring that the student it giving tests and scoring well in them.


Vinnu Madhav
Mtech IIT Kanpur, Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur, MBA IIM Calcutta, 16 years working experience

Sachin Agarwal
Civil Btech IIT Kanpur, 7 years experience in Structural Engineering

Jitesh Mohanan
IIT Madras, 5 years working experience

Vikram Jain
12 years teaching experience, AIR-249 (2005)

Surendra Varma Pericherla
98.3 percentile in GATE (2006), PhD at IISC

Raman Kapoor
Btech NIT Durgapur, Mtech IIT Roorkee (ece)

Abhay Kumar Srivastava
B.Tech IIT Roorkee, M. Tech IIT Kanpur 15 years of teaching experience

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