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Ge to know India's largest and fastest growing network for GATE prepartion

  • Education should be affordable and accessible to all in terms of content and results.
  • The access of coaching for GATE exam should not be limited to a student from a good engineering college or a particular geographical area.
  • Good teaching should be accessible to all.
  • We believe in a pedagogy that brings a student closer to his desired goal and result.
  • In pursuit of that we use 3 tools, i.e. videos, personal mentor and practice.
  • And we also bring the best teachers to the remotest areas.
  • We believe with the correct guidance and planning all students can achieve their desired results.
  • Our team consists of academicians, teachers, PHD candidates from the premier engineering institutes of India like IIT’s and IISc.
  • We have all come together to create something amazing for all GATE aspirants.
  • We are constantly creating more content (300-400 hours/years).

Meet our Team

Rohit Jain

IIT Bombay

Anirudh Swarnkar

IIT Bombay

Atul Jain

IIT Kanpur

Shwetabh Yadav

IISc Bangalore

Raman Kapoor

IIT Roorkee

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