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Get to know India's largest and fastest growing network for GATE prepartion.

What is GATESchool?

GATE School is India's lasrgest focussed brand for GATE exam preparation. It ensures a result oriented preparation with top quality video lectures, along with personalized mentorship and regular assessment.


Education should be affordable and accessible to all in terms of content and results.

The access of coaching for GATE exam should not be limited to a student from a good engineering college or a particular geographical area.

Good teaching should be accessible to all.


We believe in a pedagogy that brings a student closer to his desired goal and result.

In pursuit of that we use 3 tools, i.e. videos, personal mentor and practice.

And we also bring the best teachers to the remotest areas.

We believe with the correct guidance and planning all students can achieve their desired results.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of academicians, teachers, Ph.D candidates from the premier engineering institutes of India like IITs and IISc. We have all come together to create something amazing for all GATE aspirants. We are constantly creating more content (300-400 hours/years).

Rohit Jain
IIT Bombay

Anirudh Swarnkar
IIT Bombay

Atul Jain
IIT Kanpur

Shwetabh Yadav
IISc Bangalore

Raman Kapoor
IIT Roorkee

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