10 Tips for GATE Aspirants which can make or break your dream
We, engineers, never settle for something less than what we dream for. Commencing from the fight with lakhs of candidates for a seat in the college to the battle with the slumber which droop our eyelids on the night before the exam, we continuously keep fighting to achieve our goals. Even after proudly holding the bachelor’s degree in our hands, we do not stop there. We break our cocoons and move out to the world to begin another battle to secure ourselves with a job or further dive deeper into the field of engineering. For the people who choose PSUs or a Master’s degree as a dream, the door to their dreams becomes the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).
Having set a goal, it is important to make a plan and it is necessary to fetch the dos and don’ts. so that your plan is a fool proof one. Here are few pieces of advice that you might want to keep handy if you are  GATE Aspirants.

  1. Analyse the syllabus thoroughly: Whenever we talk of an examination, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the syllabus. Owing to the vast syllabus of GATE, quite surprisingly, most of us neglect it during the course of preparation. It is, however, the first step of preparation as a thorough analysis of the topics would help you distribute your efforts in different topics in the most effective way.
  2. Prepare a routine: Without a disciplined approach to preparation, it is impossible to crack GATE. It is imperative that you prepare a daily routine and strictly adhere to it. An optimum amount of study hours regularly is the mantra for success in GATE.
  3. Make your own notes: Most people make the mistake of copying others while preparing for an examination. It is good to learn from people who were successful in the past. But, however,  you understand the uniqueness of an individual. Every individual differs from one another and therefore, it is very important that you make your own notes, believe in your own way of preparing rather than comparing with or copying from others.

Learn from peers:  it is still recommended that you learn from them. Group study has always proved effective. Therefore, help from your peers to understand concepts and discuss problems. This will expose you to new ways of learning and approaching problems.

  1. Pay attention to the quantitative section: Engineers are known for their strong aptitude. Because of this and that it covers a small portion of the question paper. So,  most people seem to neglect the quantitative section of GATE. However, you should remember that it accounts for 15% of the total marks and since it’s easy for you, why not grab it?
  2. Practice online tests: All your efforts are going to depend on a single day or rather, a few hours. Therefore, it is imperative that you make yourself comfortable with the test environment and procedure.
  3. Time management for GATE Aspirants: Most people, in spite of knowing the answers cannot succeed because of poor time management. Therefore, it will be helpful if you distribute your time for every section keeping in mind your strength and weakness, leaving aside a buffer time for ‘miscellaneous’. During this time, attempt all the questions you had left incomplete for time constraints or fresh approach.
  4. Pick right questions: In an examination like GATE, picking the right questions is, in fact, more important than solving more number of questions. Every question has different weightage and requires different amount of time. Therefore, learning the art of choosing what to attempt and what to discard plays a vital role here. You should never try to attempt all the questions.But,  you should only be smart enough to know what will bring you maximum marks.
  5. Sleep and food: Out of anxiety, most candidates sacrifice their sleep and food before the exam. However, this is a big no-no . As, a sound sleep and healthy food before the exam refreshes your mind and helps you work more efficiently.
  6. Don’t be careless: Gauging the importance of studying to crack GATE, sometimes candidates fail to take care of the minimum requirements. Specifically, taking the Admit Card, Photo Identity proof, looking for the examination hall a day before the exam etc. 
These are few tips that GATE Aspirants should definitely remember because there is a spot somewhere within hard work that makes it smart work, and this is exactly where you should hit to make your dream come true.

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