Which branch is best for the Gate exam? If you are worried about this question, you are required to go through this article till the end. You must understand the list of subjects to choose from. Let’s check out. 

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Which Branch is Best for the GATE Exam? 

Well, are you also worried about this question? If so, you must go through this article. You should choose a branch that is convenient for you and you are interested in. If you will prepare with your interesting topics, you will be able to answer perfectly and score well. 

The GATE examination isn’t very simple to crack and needs a sensible study setup, focus, and grit to score well. sensible and in-depth knowledge of concepts and theories is incredibly essential to fetch high marks. 

The GATE examination has multiple alternatives and a numerical variety of queries, thus it needs a heap of practice to get high marks. Previous year’s question papers will facilitate a lot. Intensive practice will facilitate investigating weak areas and you’ll target editing them. 

Also, time your speed of finding the papers to urge familiarity with trying at intervals the assigned time. You must concentrate on each theory still as a numerical issue. The topics that carry additional weight should be ready totally to urge you to get a high score.

Keep a listing of necessary definitions, derivations, equations, and theorems of each subject as a prepared reckoner. You’ll additionally study in teams, particularly on technical topics since that may assist you to learn quicker. it’ll additionally assist you to notice new skills and techniques of learning and understanding. 

Since the examination has negative markings, avoid risks with wild guesses. You need to attempt relevant and common knowledge questions with nice caution and alertness. Therefore, preparation for this exam is crucial and tough. You should choose your branch mindfully. You must go through the subjects to choose your branch correctly and should put your best into preparing for it. 

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GATE 2023

The candidates put their best to achieve good scores on the paper. Let’s talk about the subjects of the GATE exam. This exam comprises 29 subjects. The aspirants are required to choose any one or two of the given subjects: 

#1. Aerospace Engineering (AE)

#2. Agricultural Engineering (AG)

#3. Architecture and Planning (AR)

#4. Biotechnology (BT)

#5. Civil Engineering (CE)

#6. Chemical Engineering (CH)

#7. Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)

#8. Chemistry (CY)

#9. Electronics and Communication Engg (EC)

#10. Electrical Engineering (EE)

#11. Ecology and Evolution (EY)

#12. Geology and Geophysics (GG)

#13. Instrumentation Engineering (IN)

#14. Mathematics (MA)

#15. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

#16. Mining Engineering (MN)

#17. Metallurgical Engineering (MT)

#18. Petroleum Engineering (PE)

#19. Physics (PH)

#20. Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)

#21. Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)

#22. Statistics (ST)

#23. BioMedical Engineering (BM)

#24. Engineering Sciences

#25. Life Sciences (XL)

#26. Humanities and Social Sciences (XH)

#27. Environmental Science and Engineering (ES)

#28. Geomatics Engineering (GE)

#29. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)

GATE Exam 2023

If you are doing GATE 2023 preparation, you must be aware of the difficulty level of the previous year’s question papers for the GATE examination. The table given below has difficulty levels for all the branches. Let’s check it out. 


GATE 2021 Difficulty level

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Moderate to Difficult

Civil Engineering

Easy to Moderate

Electrical Engineering

Moderate to difficult

Mechanical Engineering


Computer Science Engineering

Easy to Moderate


Easy to Moderate



Chemical Engineering


Geology and Geophysics

Moderate to Difficult

Agricultural Engineering

Moderate to Difficult


Easy to Moderate


Moderate to Difficult

Architecture & Planning

Moderate to Difficult

Aerospace Engineering

Easy to Moderate

Mining Engineering


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Therefore, you should choose the branch of your interest to crack the GATE exam. If you are looking for more GATE 2023 preparation. You should focus on the study material of the chosen branch along with following the study plan perfectly to prepare for each concept and topic. If you want guidance on different GATE perspectives, you can visit the GATE School website. 

Also, you can prepare with the help of the GATE School. This website has all the study material with exam updates, information, and details. The experts and professionals are always available to provide you with the perfect knowledge and learning required in personalized lectures. You can type your queries in the given section.

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