To begin with, I think it is very necessary to know where you stand and to know yourself well. No, this does not mean you have to underestimate yourself! Man is still unaware of the potential that he holds. So as of today, you might think you are an average person, but that is definitely something that can be polished and molded. Also, you will never know until you don’t try. So first, question yourself and discover your capabilities as of now. Once you’re done with that, you will know your strengths and weaknesses. Now that you’re aware of these, all you have to do is, work towards your goalkeeping these in mind. 

I truly believe that no person is any less when it comes to mind. It all depends on its conditioning. So if you think you’re average, you need to condition your mind well. You have to really WANT to do this. You might have to put in more effort than others, but it’s definitely possible! You HAVE TO understand that you cannot score 100 in GATE. You need to concentrate on your strengths more, but that doesn’t mean that you leave out your weaknesses. If MATH is your weakness, that is something you HAVE TO work on. That cannot be taken lightly.  Do not even think of leaving out any subject. Prioritize them well, but do not leave out any. You might have to give in more time into your preparation. Do not waste time in any way. Avoiding your diet while preparing for the exam, is a bad idea. Personally, I feel, having 2 almonds every day definitely adds to your memory and intellect. Avoid people or situations that may put you down or make you feel discouraged. Having a strong and clear mind while preparing and during the exam is very essential. Do not attempt questions that you do not know answers to. Negative markings can really drag you down. Stay motivated and focussed. Solve as many question papers as you can and it is advisable to join a coaching institute. 

It might seem to be difficult, but that’s again your mind telling you that because it hasn’t been conditioned well. As the popular saying goes, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Have a strong head and be focussed. Take it up as a challenge and you will surely make it.