To all the GATE aspirants….
Cracking the GATE Examination is difficult with more than 10 lakhs students applying every year and around 15% of them qualifying the examination. However a smart and systematic approach can  make the preparation easier for you, saving your time and efforts with more performance.
Follow these tips which will hep you crack the GATE examination :
Greetings from THE GATE ACADEMY!
GATE preparation can be a very taxing affair, and with around 10 Lacs candidates vying for those few seats, it is imperative that we prepare with the right strategy.
Understand your strengths and take exam accordingly – Nobody has scored 100% marks in GATE, and neither will you. Hence, it is important to understand your key strengths and choose the questions which will maximize your probability of scoring higher. A good exam taker knows which question to tackle and which not to.
Focus on High Return Subjects – GATE qualifying scores normally hover around 25 / 100 marks. Interestingly, Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude subjects themselves constitute more than 30% of the total marks. Hence, focusing on these relatively easier subjects would help in crossing the first hurdle of qualifying easily.
Familiarize with Formulae – A number of questions are formulae based and hence can be answered very easily just by applying the formulae. Hence, it is important that not only you get yourselves acquainted well with the formulae, but also understand 3-5 of its use cases.
Practice, Practice and more Practice – Practice hard. Period. This is the best tool on hand in order to understand your preparation level as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Take as many mock tests as possible. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’!
Relax before the exam – 80% of the battle is fought in the exam day. Hence, no matter how well you have prepared, it is important that you relax well for the examination day. Relaxing techniques vary from person to person, and hence, figure out the mechanism that works best for you and deploy that.
Wishing all ┬áthe GATE aspirants good luck from the UFaber Team….!!!