Following is the 2018 GATE Exam pattern:


GATE 2018 Exam pattern – Key  points:

  1. Type of Questions:
    – The exam contains Multiple Choice Questions and Numerical Answer Type Questions.
    – The MCQs carry 1 or 2 marks across all sections of the paper.
    – The Numerical Answer Type questions also carry either 1 or 2 marks at the most.
    – These are termed as NAT questions since the answer is a real number which has to be entered with the help of a mouse or a visual keyboard by the candidate.
    – The answer can be 3, 7 , 21, or a decimal number such as 2.1.
    – There are no choices provided for such type of questions.
  2. Computer Science stream:
    – This paper contains 65 questions in total which carry 100 marks.
    – Engineering Mathematics (15 marks), General Aptitude (15 marks), and Subject-specific section (70 marks).

Topic-wise analysis of the 2018 GATE Computer Science Exam: 

Name of the PSUCost to the company (in INR)Designation
Airport Authority India (AAI)9.1 lakhs per annumJunior Executive (Engineering Civil)
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)10.8 lakhs per annumOfficer
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)12.00 lakhs per annumOfficer
Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd. (NPCL)Monthly stipend - INR 35,000/-
One time Book allowance - INR 10,000/-
Scientific officer/C in Group 'A'
NLC India Limited (NLC)9.05 - 9.65 lakhs per annumGraduate Executive Trainee
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)During training - 8.6 lakhs per annum
After training - 15 lakhs per annum
Executive trainee
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)Ranging from INR 24,400 to INR 50,500 Assistant Executive Engineer

Detailed summary of the Computer Science (GATE 2018) Exam: 

Geotechnical Engineering19%
Environmental Engineering15%
Transportation Engineering11%
Fluid Mechanics10%
Strength of Materials8%
Structural Analysis8%
Concrete structures6%
Steel structures3%
Most of the questions were based on the concepts. 50% of the core subject questions were Easy, 30% were intermediate and 20% were difficult. 
The results for the 2018 GATE exam are available online since March 17th, 2018.