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 Here’s our one – up for you ! For choosing to walk on a tougher road and bracing up yourself for one of India’s toughest exams. And now begins the most crucial part and one that  haunts us all – how to begin? Join a coaching or study by yourself ?
With the massive success stories and giant advertisements posted in newspapers and everywhere else, coaching centers are projected and perceived as magical result – oriented institutes. But when you scratch the surface and dig deeper, the reality strikes hard. If hefty charges and air – conditioned classrooms could ensure success, only rich would have been enrolled in institutes of repute. Also, not every Indian city has good coaching centres and in order to avail better facilities, aspirants relocate to metros and other mega cities which adds up another hole to their pockets. And after compromising so much with their lives, when they finally do arrive at the institutes, it’s an entirely different picture altogether.
One teacher takes up all subjects of a concerned stream despite the difference in his abilities to do so. Also, the classes last longer than a human’s attention span and before you can reconnect and recall the concepts and sync with the ongoing lecture, you find yourself sleeping and halfway across your dreams. After returning back from the class, one realizes that an entire day is wasted and you are so tired that you can’t even study with ease at home. And then you start contemplating life and gloominess dooms over. This way you lose your mental strength and inner peace as well and exam seems tougher than it actually is.
What one really needs from coaching centers is personal, guided attention and motivation to get through an exam that has success rate of just 16.53% . But when the number of students enrolled in such classes exceeds the strength of a mid level organization, isn’t this too much to expect? To add to the plight of working professionals, the timings are such that it makes it impossible for them to attend such classes or rather puts them in a state of dilemma and leaves them with no time at all to study.

So, is there a way out? Yes. Modern age has answers to all the problems. Technology has made that possible. No barrier is real today.

We, at GATE School, ensure that nothing stops you from achieving that rank that you’ve dreamt for. We are an online education platform that has innovated methods to help you learn easily and with transparent clear concepts. For every student enrolled with us, we have a mentor – only and especially for that particular student. The mentor isn’t just your teacher but a friend, philosopher and a guide who’ll hold your hand throughout the long journey and make sure that you hit the bull’s eye. To prevent you from being lost midway, besides being available 24/7 for your help, the mentor will call you twice a week and keep you on track.
Our targeted lectures which mainly comprise of videos, audios and notes prepared by experts in  their fields ensure that you never fall short of quality content. We have meticulously planned and chalked out schedules, modules and test sets to complete your syllabus and prepare you well for exam beforehand. Time, though limited, will never be a constraint with us. Lessons are flexible and accessible to you at your whims and service. To make it a fun experience and not overly serious, we have promoted gamified and social learning and also a lifetime access to the community of smart learners.
This unique combination of guided and self preparation is affordable, universally accessible despite the geographical barriers, user – friendly, flexible and everything that offline education is not. It is a ladder to help you climb up that firewall and achieve all that’s yours. Join the revolution and be the self – made star you’ll be proud of.

Happy learning!

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