Our Indian Education system dictates which college to be given to a student depending upon its marks obtained in the previous class. So, a student’s choice of college hardly comes into play. Students will have a choice among the colleges where their marks match the cut off of the colleges. Between those choices, one always wants to be in the best. Before entering the world of college, students mostly have not heard about the examinations like GATE, CSIR JRF, etc. Once, we venture into that field, we came to know about so many things, so paths which we choose as our career. I heard about GATE and wanted to qualify it at any cost.

Being from a college which was not very sound but had good teachers but they can’t help me much on this as they have lectures to be given. College didn’t have any specific society or people which can guide me in this. I never belonged to the students which were the top rankers of class nor was a low-grade scoring student. Being an average student of the average college, I had a dream of qualifying GATE. College premises were hard initially to be managed with the preparation. But it’s your dedication which decides whether you will achieve or not. 

I was fully confused earlier. Questions were constantly roaming in my mind: What to do? How to do? Where to start? What’s the syllabus? Am I doing right? Do I need some coaching? All these were there, but I kept myself calm and tried to answer all these questions. I explored, did research and finally found all my answers on the internet. I made my timetable of the GATE syllabus to which I contributed at least 1.5 hours per day. Initially, it was very tough. I didn’t get much help from my college, but then I realized a college will not decide my future. It is me who has to work hard, who has to put all my efforts and this average college tag cannot be an excuse to miss GATE. 

I made my time table such that my studies and GATE preparation don’t compromise. The topics which were coinciding with I paid full attention to those in college, tried to understand. If failed to understand it fully, I read them myself and discuss some queries with my college teachers. Somehow, I covered those topics. But the topics which were exclusively in the GATE syllabus, I dealt with them on a personal basis. I searched on the internet for books where I can get them. I looked for those books in my college library, but didn’t get enough books as most of them were not available in the library and if the present were short in number so I can’t get them to read. I looked for e-books, video sessions, and online notes. These helped me a lot. 

The problems of the college came in my part but it was my routine and hard work that helped me to qualify GATE. If we have thought of doing something and are ready to devote full time and dedication, we can have a hope of achieving it.