We are starting a series of GATE Preparation Tips by Expert Teachers who will guide us for the better approach for preparation of the exams.
As  a part of today’s article,  we have Mr. N.C.  Chavan from D Y Patil College, Navi Mumbai to guide us. Having completed his Masters in Engineering  for Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University,he brings his expertise in Mechanical Engineering to the fore while teaching GATE aspirants as his students in college. Read below to know his tips on GATE Preparation, guidelines for success, must read list of text books, and more.

Mr N.C. Chavan.
Asst. Professor, Department of Engineering Sciences. Dr. D Y Patil’s Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Nerul. Navi Mumbai. 

Question – When should a student ideally start preparing for GATE?  Final year or say from 2nd year onward of Engineering for a good score?
Answer -‘One must opt for GATE preparations once they are through their second year of engineering wherein students get an outline about technical contains of subject which they will have to study in coming higher semesters.  So ideally students should start from the second year. The second reason is that the final year is tough with projects and other such activities. It will be tough to cope with all of that.’
When should students start writing the mock tests? How do these mock tests help in your opinion? 
‘Students should start preparing to full potential and practice good number of mock tests. They should start writing the mock tests as a part of preparation once they have completed with most of the syllabus. Mock tests will help them to analyze their strong and weak part of the syllabus. By taking number of mock tests one can improve on question solving agility, exam-phobia, nervousness and any other individual factor which will be highlighted during the analysis of mock test.’
Question – What books will you refer for GATE?
 Answer -‘For Mechanical Engineering book to be referred by students are the books by G.K Publication and McGraw hill India Publication. Studying through books is not the only option one must stick to. Nowadays refereeing to different gate related technical blogs is also a better option.’
 Question – How important is Aptitude and how  do you ideally suggest preparing for aptitude?
 Answer -‘Aptitude is important section for the GATE exam as the weight-age of this subject is 15 marks. (I am not sure about numbers) It is easiest section having good weight age in the GATE exam and it can help you to crack the GATE Exam.
Aptitude consists of verbal and numerical part which can be studied by referring the books. This preparation mainly depends upon an individual as some students are very good at verbal part  and some are too good at Numerical part. So the preparation should be done hand in hand wherein one must not neglect the other part of aptitude. Verbal ability questions can be answered quickly compared to the numerical ability questions. Numerical Ability questions are easier than verbal but may consume time if you do not apply short-cuts in computations.’
Question – What is the role of E learning? Do you think online study is important nowadays?
Answer -‘ Yes, online study is very important and essential part of education now days. Students cannot gain or clear their technical concepts from the theoretical part of the textbooks. We can teach and the student can gain but it is important for the student to grasp.The concepts in detail can be cleared through E-learning by watching some video lectures, practical demonstrations, and technical blogs. ‘ ‘
Question – What is your advice to students for a smarter study for GATE?
Answer -‘One must start preparing for GATE from vacations of second year. In SE students get outline of that particular stream in which they are studying and hence can start preparing there on. They should have a habit of self-study rather than going for coaching classes. They should pen down the notes in their own words which will definitely help them while revising the syllabus. In case of any difficult queries/topics they can consult their faculties or mentors or even they can E-learn the things.’

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