The goal of the students is to ensure that the effort and practice pursued is on par with their abilities to complete the GATE exam syllabus. The GATE strategy for achieving them can vary widely from person to person.

Different people have varied individual approaches towards the examination and the fulfilment of the GATE exam syllabus; hence there can be different shortcomings for the same.

There are different types of profiles, differentiated, tending on rather the top-notching or from a total or gestalt point of view.

Different Profiles

The first profile, of being top-notch in your earlier academical in terms of high scores, strong base and clear conceptual facts.

Second profile of students, where they might not be thorough with their curriculum of the GATE exam syllabus, not being conceptually clear; due to an academic break, a lost focus or sheer pessimism.

There can be many reasons for these shortcomings based on the dearth of the preparation and one really needs to put more attention to them. Someone with a good conceptual base has an easy chance to score well, but someone who isn’t conceptually strong needs to put more attention to the strategies he uses to achieve the score.


Let A be an average student of your class, and B be the topper with very clear concepts, both being exam aspirants. Now what gradually happens, the mediocre is not that much capable of solving technical and mathematical aspects like the topper one, hence might never be able to finish the syllabus on time leaving no time for practice too. There are hundreds of reasons for them to not be able to reach the level of the mark and get crashed in the track!

Hence, not to make you smashed in the track, here are a few detailed reasons on why the syllabus cannot be completed.

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Reasons Behind the Unfinished GATE Exam Syllabus

Time Management

Managing time is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you look at the syllabus, it comprises 2 sections. One, being the general aptitude and mathematical reasoning and the other section being core technical. To succeed, one must include time management in their GATE strategy.


Consider the Engineering Mathematics book of section 1, comprising approximately 1000 pages. Similarly, say, Electronics Engineering also has another seven chapters of say 1000 pages each. If we assume, we have 5 months in hand, the calculated reading one has to go through is 8000 pages in a time frame of 5 months. This calculation boils down to 1600 pages per month and approximately 60 pages a day, which becomes impossible to manage up alongside the engineering curriculum studies. The GATE  exam syllabus consists of huge subject concerns and plenty of syllabuses, entirely not being a mediocre level of basic study material.

Coaching Classes:

The second obvious reason for not completing the syllabus can be an intermediate coaching class which goes on for a long time. Travelling takes time and you may have nothing left in is very essential to know that practising is more important than spending your time in grasping things and learning the tidbits.

GATE questions are tricky, conceptual, logical, and depend on many factors. So one who practices enough will only understand the questions and their designing approach.

Serious aspirants should consider getting enrolled in online classes and dedicate more time towards practising papers of previous years and sample sets as well, rather than wasting time in travelling to classes.

Self Assessment:

Learning is a process and grasping takes time. Something as vivid and vast as the GATE exam syllabus takes time. Test assessments are must for improvement and it improvises in every test attempt. Most of the people have a tendency to follow others, then focusing on their own study. Hence, leaving no time to go through the portion to be done. It leads to mistakes.

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How to Overcome These Challenges?

One does not really need to complete the syllabus.GATE online exam is not looking for any syllabus completion  A good understanding of where to focus is important.  Preparation time for this entrance exam is subjective and depends on fundamentals and important subjects in hand.


If we look at Electronics and Communications, there are 7 chapters in hand other than common section 1. Electronics devices, analogue circuits, communications, and digital circuits are the most crucial chapters and cover 70% of the syllabus. Hence the focus should be more the arena with high weight-age.

Mastering all the chapters can be very difficult. So, one should opt for studying important chapters before. This can be useful for going through your curriculum. Do keep a check on your performance in the Mathematics and General Aptitude. They are easy to score and simpler. Do not jump upon the core GATE exam syllabus rather consider starting with maths.

Tip Number One – Practice According to GATE Exam Syllabus

  • Preparation for GATE is subjective. Hence, a balance between speed & accuracy comes from practising. Remember the old rule of practice making the man perfect. On average, every 15 questions have 1 GATE question. There are a total of 65 questions in GATE with maximum marks 100. 30 questions carry 1 mark each and 35 questions carrying 2 marks each. Hence for attempting these 65 questions, one needs to practice 950 questions to reach that level of accuracy.

Tip Number Two – Follow a GATE Strategy

  • Do not fool yourself by going through something, you’ve no idea about. Going and attending lectures, where you’ve missed the previous part would be wasting time. Instead, spend more time on the self-evaluation. Go through the necessary assessments through online mocks and follow an ideal GATE strategy.

Tip Number Three – Choose GATE Online Preparation

  • It is best to enrol yourself in an online class and training. Thereby, improving the quality of study one does, by learning through online videos, and practice tests. Initial scepticism has faltered in the face of evidence that shows that online learning can be just as effective as face-to-face education. Also,  giving you enough time for self-assessment and introspection.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will help you while making your GATE study strategy. Share your thoughts about how you are going to plan for the online entrance exam. Comment in the box below to let us know.