We all know that GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering,  is a national level engineering entrance examination, and one of the toughest exams for gaining qualifying marks. But if we plan a study plan and executive the plan on a regular basis we can easily get a good score in GATE Exam.

The study plan of my own experience will be in the following points.

  • First of all, take hard copies of the GATE Syllabus and gather all standard textbooks for each subject.
  • The GATE exam consist of two sections :
  1. General Aptitude & Reasoning.
  2. Technical Paper and Engineering Mathematics.
  • We have a plus point in Mathematical and calculation problems, it doesn’t have any negative markings and most numbers of the questions are based on calculations problems that will be there on the question paper. So first, complete the preparation for General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics from basic formulas to the end of each topic.
  • Now coming to the technical paper, every year the marks of each subject will vary and we can’t predict exact marks that each subject will hold. So first, select one subject you most like and one subject you feel most hard. Prepare the necessary notes for those two subjects and complete the preparation of these two subjects. Make a day count of these subjects. 
  • After completing the preparation repeat the same process for another two subjects and make notes and preparation as well simultaneously, and complete all the subjects.
  • The above-said process should be started before one from the date of the GATE exam, and complete the preparation on 5 to 6 months of the time period. After that, we can find a number of online websites that are offering online GATE exam practice sections. Please take one this exam and check your self-confidence and ability to answer questions in-time.
  • After that based on your exam experience, you have to get a clear idea of what you are? Then make any changes in the study plan, and revise your notes and preparation in the next 5 to 6 months to get full command over the subject. If you want to take test you will do it again to improve your self-confidence in yourself.

As we say in the above steps you need to prepare for one year to improve your self-confidence and subject knowledge to get a good score in GATE. All the Best for your GATE Exam.