What is common in all the people when it comes to Career?
Well, it’s Confusion that binds us all in this world of many many opportunities. And it never really goes till you actually find something you are highly passionate about or you feel you can live with for your entire life. It feels exciting at first to have so many options in front of us, but as and when we start taking important decisions in life, we understand how much confusion this creates. Still, we are fortunate enough to think, analyse and then conclude what we really want.
Engineering is the base for all awesome careers in India. Engineers are everywhere and do everything nobody can even imagine. Few work in MNCs, few pursue their creative skills as a profession and few love their subjects so much that they decide to go for Masters or do M.Tech and be more well versed with their respective technical fields.
The people who decide to do M.Tech are pretty focused at first but when you ask them what after M.tech, they don’t have an answer. And hence, we are here to help such people. So, let us check out what all options are there and explore them one by one.

  • Master of  Business Administration (MBA) : MBA is the safest option if you want job security. Many people pursue MBA right after B.Tech. But, they are not so technically advanced as M.Tech graduates are. So, if along with technical knowledge, you have leadership and good communication skills and if you interested in Management, MBA is for you. This will give you a great Techno-Managerial career.


  • Join Corporate world : There are two types of Companies in Corporate World for Engineers: Service Oriented and Product Oriented. When we talk about Service Oriented jobs, you don’t really get to learn much and stay at one place for a long time. Yes, you might earn well in the beginning but at one point, you will find the salary less and would like a job change. In Service Oriented Companies, you are treated like a college student whereas in Product Oriented Companies, this is not the case. You will be treated as Professional. You won’t get months of training but they will make sure you have understood everything before you start working. So, it’s always better to choose one based on our capabilities and future decisions.


  • Go into Research and Development: The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) introduced Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) in 2002 to allow Engineering Graduates who have qualified GATE and Pharmaceuticals Graduates who have qualified GPAT to pursue their dream of Research through appropriate Ph.D. Programs at CSIR Labs. The fellowship amount is Rs.25,000 (US$370) per month plus HRA (house rent allowance). In addition, a contingency grant of Rs.20,000 (US$300) per annum (calculated on a pro-rata basis for fraction of a year) is also provided. On completion of 2 years as JRF – GATE, the fellowship upgraded to SRF (Senior Research Fellowship) – GATE and stipend increased to Rs. 28,000 (US$420) per month in the later years, on the basis of assessment of CSIR JRF-NET guidelines.


  • Consider becoming a Professor : If you are someone who is the last minute Professor of almost all your friends, then you might consider this talent,work on it if you wish to and become a full time Professor. If teaching is your passion, you will love to impart knowledge to students with so much of enthusiasm and excitement. It will give you utmost happiness to teach your students the subjects you love. And this will give you career satisfaction and you will also get to learn more and stay in the same technical line but just by helping others as well to be more technically sound.


  • Become an Entrepreneur : You don’t need a degree to become an Entrepreneur, but you definitely need business and analytical skills to be one. And for all the startups, you require technical knowledge too. So, this is where you Engineering helps you. Even if you hire people under you for all the technical work, you will know how to judge them based on their knowledge and not just qualification. Your M.Tech will help you build a better startup and make it grow soon. If you want to take overall responsibility of a company, start your own.

So, these are few career options available after M.Tech. It will confuse you right now, but will lead to a great career ahead. Confusion is the route to all the clarity in this world. Think properly and choose wisely the career that you want and would love to work for. Take your time. Don’t hurry. As it is, in today’s world, everyone is in a hurry and no one is on time. Hence, trust your own timing. work at your own pace and Good Luck for a great future ahead.