GATE starts with GA that is General Aptitude, which can easily increase or decrease one’s score as this section weights 15 marks. This section is specially designed to test and analyze language and analytical skills which requires daily preparation and daily practice; all in all, it is a daily habit.

GA section carries ten questions, out of which five questions carry 1 mark each and the remaining 5 carry two marks each. This section can be divided into two sub-sections which are:

  1. Verbal Ability   
  2. Numerical Ability


Verbal Ability:- 

  • One should learn at least four new English words along with its use in spoken English.
  • One or two English paragraph reading or one newspaper a week.
  • Watching one English TV series episode a day which will provide rest to mind from tiring technical subject preparation and will help in verbal ability improvement.
  • Referring X standard CBSE English books for grammar correction and perfection.
  • Solving language puzzles and analogies once a week.

All of these activities can take a maximum of 45 min if done on a daily basis.

Numerical Ability:- Sub-divided into three sections as Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, Reasoning and Data Interpretation.

  • one should start from revising tables from 10-30, and tricks to calculate square, cube, square-root and cube-root, basic algebraic-geometry formulae which will save one’s time in the calculation during the exam and in the long run.
  • Start learning and practicing topic by topic by covering 5-8 examples a day on a regular basis from textbooks, notes, and online forums. This will provide a proper and thorough understanding of all the concepts in each topic.
  • Once done with topic wise practice, start solving numerical problems from previous year question papers which will help to become familiar with answering and switching from one format to other.