Most GATE applicants make the error of undervaluing and dismissing general aptitude preparation during their GATE exam preparation. They believe that aptitude can be learned quickly and readily, hence they concentrate on basic technical courses. They do not provide the necessary time for GA preparation. It’s a bad habit that needs to be broken at all costs.

We’ll go over a few suggestions and tactics for covering the GA portion efficiently in this article. But first, let’s have a look at the new parts and curriculum that have been added to the GA component of GATE.

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Preparation Strategy for Aptitude for GATE

General aptitude is a crucial element of the GATE exam, as it has a 15-point weighting. It is the simplest component in the GATE exam, with a high weightage, and it can help you pass the exam. In GATE Exam 2023, the general aptitude section can be easily assessed and is separated into two parts: numerical ability and verbal ability.

When compared or prepared for numerical ability exams, verbal ability questions can be answered rapidly. Numerical ability questions are simpler than verbal ability questions, but they can take longer if you don’t use shortcuts in your calculations. In general, aptitude, scoring 10 out of 15 points with minimal effort is simpler.

GATE Exam Pattern 2023

H4 For Engineering Sciences

Section Type of Question Number of Question Sub-total (Marks)
Section A (Compulsory) 1 Mark Question 7 7
2 Marks Question 4 8
Section B to H 1 Mark Question 9 9
2 Marks Question 13 26

For Life Sciences

Section Type of Questions Number of Questions Sub-Total (Marks)
Section P or Chemistry Section (Compulsory) 1 mark questions 5 5
2 mark questions 10 20
Sections Q to U 1 mark questions 10 10
2 mark questions 10 20

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GATE Exam Preparation

#Set aside at least one hour each day to study General Aptitude. You will be able to complete the entire syllabus in the time allotted if you follow this important ritual. Because General Aptitude themes are not new and have been covered previously, you only need to brush up on them and practise them for better comprehension.

#Data Interpretation questions are posed every year; as a result, you should practise answering them regularly. Pie charts, graphs, and figure-based issues should be solved regularly.

GATE Exam 2023: Tips

Concentrate on expanding your vocabulary by learning at least 5 new terms and their definitions every day. Additionally, make it a habit to read English newspapers and magazine articles. It will assist you in comprehending the basic flow of the English language and in correctly answering grammatical questions.

The most significant aspect of general aptitude preparation is to answer the previous year’s questions and take online practice tests. It gives you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. Time management will be aided by completing the test series.


Although the General Aptitude portion is regarded as easy, with further preparation, a candidate can achieve full marks. Consider answering General aptitude questions as a form of relaxation. You may reach a point where you are fatigued from studying technical subjects and can no longer move on. At the same time, you don’t want to waste any of your valuable time. Use that time wisely by answering GA problems.


The problems on the question paper will be directly related to the candidate’s chosen paper’s facts, formulas, principles, or laws. As a result, the candidates’ memory and computation skills were put to the test. There will be problems that will assess the candidates’ basic comprehension of their fields of study. As a result, applicants must emphasise core concepts to derive easy inferences.

It is the most complete preparation resource available, containing everything you need to ace the exam on one platform. Take advantage of expert advice from India’s top GATE educators and ace the exam like a pro.

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