How to prepare for GATE CSE? Well, the GATE exam is tough for candidates. You must prepare diligently for each subject and concept to answer well in the paper. You should be continuously learning different important topics for GATE 2023.

If you are looking for tips related to preparation for the GATE exam 2023, you need to read this article. You should also make a perfect GATE study plan to cover all the topics before the examination. Here’s the complete information about GATE CSE.

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The GATE CSE exam primarily has ten core subjects to follow. These subjects are written below:

# C Programming and Data Structures

# Algorithms

# Theory of Computation

# Compiler Design

# Discrete Mathematics

# Operating Systems

# Database Management Systems

# Computer Networks

# Computer Organization and Architecture

# Digital Logic Design

You should focus on each subject to get good scores in the exam. You must prepare a study plan to cover all the subjects and their topics. The subjects with their marks distribution are given in the following table. You must get aware of this important information. So, let’s check out the table thoroughly.

Subjects Marks Distribution
Data Structures and Algorithms 15-20 Marks
Mathematics and Aptitude 28-30 Marks
TOC and Compiler Design 13-18 Marks
DBMS 6-8 Marks
Operating Systems 7-10 Marks
Computer Organization 7-10 Marks
Computer Networks 6-8 Marks
Digital Logic Design 4-6 Marks

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GATE 2023 Preparation

GATE preparation is the most important aspect for every participant in the exam. Usually, GATE preparations need 7-8 months and end one topic at a time. You should refer to the subjects and marks distribution that is present in the article. You need to study frequently for six hours to achieve good scores on the paper. Create individual notes of your own.

This may assist you to learn and think about all the best ideas. Go through totally different websites like NPTEL, GFG, and YouTube for robust topics. Strive to finish your notes before the last three months and solve all the previous year’s papers and revise well within the last month.

Purchase test series as many as possible, test series facilitate loads to clear the examination. Keep calm as GATE consists of ten subjects at a time thus it’s all concerning the mind game. The trick is that if any problem takes over two to three steps then you’re most likely finding it wrong, thus you’d skip that question and solve it in the end.

Previous year questions can assist you to grasp the depth of the topic in the GATE examination. You need to visit the curriculum and also the examination Pattern. As a primary step in the GATE CSE preparation strategy, candidates can visit the most recent GATE curriculum and examination pattern. Doing so can facilitate them to arrange a timetable and study well. It’ll also facilitate the preparation of the study plan on the idea of marks and topic weightage.

The candidates should solve mock tests/ question papers. Finding questions or practising mock tests is the way to gain additional confidence to face the exams. Because the candidates get more accustomed to the question paper style, they’re able to score higher marks.

They also learn how to manage their time in an exceedingly higher way. Choose the correct GATE preparation books. Choosing the correct books for GATE preparation for computing is additionally necessary. Books justify the topic properly and also lay the foundation for the creation of question papers for the exams. You need to focus on all the challenging topics and work on them to strive for perfection.

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