The GATE examination is a GATEway to opportunities of higher learning in India as well as Abroad. And Preparing for it might be easier said than done. In order to balance stress and study and achieve the best of one’s abilities here are a few tips that may sound clichéd but also add some creative perspective to one’s preparation methodology.

Plan a schedule:

The most basic part of an an examination is forming a schedule. This helps in actually relieving the burden on the days before the exam and helps one pan out the syllabus in a more efficient manner.

Read the subject to teach not to answer:

Yes, you heard it right when you learn a particular concept make sure that can explain the topic without any hesitation. It has been proven through scientific experiments that learning a subject to teach others, gets you a strong hold on the particular topic as you tend to cover every part and grasp its true meaning.

Periodic breaks and goals:

It is essential that you rest your mind as it uses a lot of firepower when you’re concentrating at your fullest.  Have a drink, Listen to some music and cool the body. Set goals per each day to self-check on your progress.

Creative learning each day keeps stress away:

Every once in a while you come across a chunk of knowledge that may seem uninteresting and hard for the brain to digest. There is a much simpler solution to such complex seeming problem, create stories in your brain regarding the topic. It may seem childish but this technique is used by professionals to pile and immaculate large amounts of information.

Repetition and undying Practice:

The best way to cement one’s concepts is when you keep repeating the topic, regardless of how well versed one thinks they are with it. Practice comes handy as that is when you hit obstacles and you’re brain starts simulating all that knowledge amassed through repetition.

Keep your body healthy:

This is the most basic yet the most important advice SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. As discussed in the previous session keep the brain happy.