Being the foremost entrance exam to all the elite engineering institutions in India for a postgraduate degree, GATE is a very prestigious exam. It is attempted by more than 9 lakh candidates, the level of competition associated with GATE is very high. Also, the exam in itself possesses many tricky questions, that demand clarity of the concepts and expertise in application of the concepts.

A few things that will help you in cracking GATE wih flying colors are:

  1. Familiarity with syllabus: You must be well aware of the syllabus. Do not go in a semi prepared state. Make a list of all the topics and finish them off before the exam.
  2. Practice, practice and practice some more. GATE is basically a problem solving examination. No matter how much you hve studies, if you are not able to solve problems in time there, the chances of you making it are bleak. You must find time everyday to solve new problems. Maximum amount of your preparation time should go in problem solving purposes only.
  3. Make a plan. Since the syllabus is large and time is limited, it is necessary to be able to finish it wihin time. Most of the candidates faill in doing so because of lack of planning. You must make daily and weekly target and ensure you are not carrying any backlog on the coming week.
  4. Take notes during study. It will not only keep you focused, but with a little effort you will be able to build a solid and customized reference material. It will also come in very handy in the final days leading to the exam, as you won’t have to go through huge blocks of text.

GATE is an extensive exam, seeking command over the subjects of engineering. It is always a great option to start early while you are in your engineering only. While you’re preparing the courses for engineering, with a bit of extra effort and help, you may create a solid foundation for your future GATE attempts.