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Amazing Quality Videos

Learn from the best professors from reputed universities. Our programs have been created in collaboration with renowned faculty from IIT’s and branch speciÈc experts.

Personal Mentor & Study Planning

Want to study the subjects you are strong in Èrst, or last? No problem! GATESchool oÅers you the opportunity to arrange the order in which your lessons are going to be arranged, so that you may optimize your time and prepare the best!

Tons of Questions & Full-length Practice Tests

Nothing matches the anxiety of appearing in the actual exam. But you can surely prepare for them by giving almost 30 exams beforehand. GATESchool oÅers you the most stimulating test experience before the exams.

Doubt Solving Forums

Who wants to live with a doubt? At least we don't! That's why GATESchool provides you multiple avenues to get the doubts resolved, through a mentor led Telegram group, which resolves the doubts in real time.

Offline viewing

No Internet, no problem. View all course material via a pen-drive that will be sent to you as soon as you enrol.
Automatic syncing to the pen-drive every time new content is added.

One-on-one counselling sessions

Need individual counselling? Opt for the mentor add-on and get personalised coaching by an expert trainer.
No location constraint as all the sessions take place online via video calls

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