Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent doesn’t work hard. This Statement by Bill Gates completely holds meaning when it comes to the GATE exam. 

GATE, open numerous doors of opportunity for an engineering student. Every engineering graduate for at least once must have thought or also appeared for the GATE exam, but the question here is Can one secure Rank 1, if yes then how?

Here we will explore all the possibilities of securing Rank 1 in GATE.

When we look at the number candidates appearing for GATE every year, it might wrench you down, still nothing to worry about. Nothing is impossible when you have vowed yourself.

Moving on let’s look on to some tips and tricks to get Rank 1 in the GATE exam

1. Be optimistic and confident in your decision

  • The candidate must have a clear vision of their goal
  • Then they must plan the way to achieve their goal

2. Be disciplined and consistent

  • GATE has a very vast syllabus to cover, one should study on a regular basis to ensure success.
  • Adhere to your plan and never dawdle, as your time is very precious.

3. To Secure Rank 1 you need to prepare 100%

  • Securing a top rank in GATE is directly proportional to the amount of syllabus covered by the student during their exam
  • you need to ensure of preparing most of your syllabus
  • You can’t afford to leave any chapter or even a topic for the exam

4. Collect resources and stay updated

  • Never restrict your preparation on s single resource say your coaching material, be open and collect resources from all possible places.
  • Always stay informed about the syllabus and exam pattern.

5. Previous Year question paper 

  • Seek help from the previous year’s question paper and absorb most of it as the pattern remains the same.

6. Practice hard

  • Practice makes perfect, this is always true even in this case.
  • The practicing question can help you build confidence for the exam day

7. Short notes and revision

  • Always prepare short as they are always helpful for the last revision.

8. Accurate and steady wins the race

  • All the previous topper of GATE suggests to be the most accurate and remain steady.

9. Prepare smart

  • Not just the hard work will bear you the success fruit you need to be smart at the same time to lock your rank 1

10. Suctenize the subjects with the highest marks

  • Apart from the above-mentioned tips you need to focus equally on the extra subjects like Mathematics and Aptitude equally, even they are very important from GATE perspective and especially when you have vowed to obscure Rank 1.

Lastly, push yourself as no one else is going to do this for you. Securing Rank 1 in GATE might be tough but not impossible. so fasten your seat belts and go on the GATE trip