Whether you are preparing for GATE or any other competitive exam, the need to remain motivated throughout the journey can be quite tiring sometimes. It’s not easy to remain focused and work in a certain direction unless you have clarity of thoughts and a firm mind. So before you start with the preparation, take a moment, sit down and ask yourself – Is this something I really want? And half of your queries will be answered there only. 

With the increasing competition in today’s world, preparing for GATE can be a little unnerving task for any student. Considering that there are many ups and downs in the entire journey, it can make you give up on your goal and that’s where you lose the battle. Giving up is never an option for a fighter and this is what differentiates the toppers from the other candidates. You need to keep pushing yourself at every step and keep that fire alive. Remember, outside motivational sources cannot keep you motivated for long unless the fire burns from within. So self motivation is the key. Remind yourself of your goals and give yourself the power to shape your future by aligning your actions with your thoughts. 

Now there are a number of ways in which you can keep yourself motivated throughout the entire preparation but the foremost thing you can do is prepare a list stating your reasons to qualify this exam and how is it going to impact your career and your growth. I think once you do it, it’ll provide you with a clarity of thoughts and then you can train your mind to think in a certain direction. 

Optimistic thoughts and focusing on the positives also keeps you motivated as it develops self confidence and self belief. Keep reminding yourself that is what you have chosen for yourself, this is what you want to do and put consistent efforts for the same. 

You can read about the journey and experiences of the toppers and while doing this don’t just focus on the achievements but focus on the failures too as it’ll help you not repeat the same mistakes. Listen to motivational lectures, stories, songs and keep questioning yourself, keep analysing your actions. 

Make your own strategy and try to set realistic targets. Having a right strategy will direct your actions towards your goal. You can not rely on other person’s strategy as everybody is different and we all have different potentials. So what you’ve got to do is recognize your potential, prepare your own strategy accordingly, stick to your routine, keep putting consistent efforts and focus on the output. 

Above all, keep your mind and body positive, eat healthy, do some exercise and work until you achieve what you want to.