Graduate aptitude test in engineering (GATE) and Indian Engineering Services (IES) these two exams are very famous among engineering graduates. Every year lakh’s of candidates prepare for these exams. Some of them prepare for GATE and some for IES. There are many candidates who want to prepare for both of these exams because the education qualification for attending both these exams is the same and the syllabus for these two exams is almost the same. Keep this issue in mind for the candidates who want to prepare for both exams simultaneously; they can know better about these two exams clearly.

IES vs Gate

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering).IES (Indian Engineering Services) or ESE (Engineering Services Examination).
GATE exam is conducted by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore or any of 7 Indian Institute of Technology (IITs).IES exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
GATE exam conducted every year.
IES exam conducted every year.
GATE exam syllabus covers only those who are going to be useful in higher studies.
IES exam syllabus covers the complete engineering syllabus.
GATE tests your problem-solving capability.IES tests your conceptual capability.
Smart work is more important while preparing for GATE.Hard work is more important while preparing for IES.
GATE exam paper pattern: Only Objective type questions.IES exam paper pattern: Objective & Conventional type questions.
GATE written exam contain only 1 paper.IES written exam contain total 4 papers
GATE written exam conducted in only 1 day.IES written exam conducts in 2 days.
Calculator is available in GATE paper.Calculator is allowed only for conventional type papers but not for objective papers.
Questions asked in GATE are mixed formula or concept based.Questions asked in IES are single formula or concept based.
GATE relatively easy competitive exam.IES relatively tough competitive exam.
Thought process is main factor in GATE .Speed is main factor in IES exam.
Less questions in more time. 65 questions in 180 minutes. More than 2.5 minutes per question.More questions in less time. 120 questions in 120 minutes. 1 minute per question.
Concept application ability along with crystal clear concept is required for GATE exam.Crystal clear concept is required for IES exam.
Writing practice is not required for GATE paper. There is no any conventional type paper.Writing practice is required for IES conventional type paper.
Main purpose of GATE exam is :
(1) Higher education (i.e., M Tech, P. HD. etc.)
(2) Jobs in PSUs or Govt. Organizations.
Main purpose of IES exam is :
(1) Central government jobs in various Engineering Departments under Govt. of India.