IIT Delhi has started the application process for GATE 2020 and with this preparation, the level would have surely increased by some significant amount. Everyone wants to excel in such competitive exams and enter into PSUs, IITs or NITs for future endeavors. Keeping this in mind it is necessary for aspirants to harbor good habits which would keep them happy, confident and battle-ready. In this article, I would enlist some activities which have helped many aspirants in achieving their goals.

Health is wealth 

It is very important to take care of health. To keep our body in good health is our duty, without it we shall not have strong and clear mind to tackle the task in hand. You don’t want to a shortfall of the race with this close to finishing line. Monsoons are around and weather will be changing so it is important to eat healthy food and avoid junk food. Consume more fruits, juices, and vegetables.

Developing stamina 

The exam will be three hours long. So it is necessary for aspirants to make themselves accustomed to this timing. Take up a test series or previous year question and make a habit of solving it on a laptop or personal computer using “virtual calculator”. Experience is totally different of solving questions on the virtual calculator than on accustomed scientific calculator.

Not comparing yourself to others 

Give a test series or solve any question bank and then analyze the results. Take your own performance as the benchmark. Students often get worried if they are not able to score marks in test series and hits confidence rock bottom. It will be efficient if one makes a note of their mistakes in the separate handbook and revise it regularly to overcome the shortcomings. 

Develop a habit of reading

After clearing GATE everyone has to face interview for jobs. So it will be added advantage if one is updated with current affairs. Best way is to subscribe to any standard newspaper. It will not only improve your knowledge but also help in countering GDs and interviews. 

Reward yourself 

Set up daily or weekly target and give your best to achieve it. If the objective is achieved reward yourself. It will help you track your progress and also instill confidence. You may go out or watch a movie for a change.

Revise, revise and revise 

The more you revise the more you will feel fresh and confident. The Key to being among toppers is to revise wisely and timely. Almost everyone will be referring the same notes and question materials, one you revises well will be among toppers.


It is so easy to say yet the most difficult attitude to carry. Aspirants tend to give up or change their goals midway in preparation. Before quitting you should ask yourself “why did I start?”. We all know Thomas A Edison, so aspirants have to adamant about their goal and should not stop until it is achieved. 

Avoid Distractions 

Things which hampers your preparation should be kept aside. Everyone should have their priority fixed. Because the exam date is not going to postpone. So one should not spend too much time on social media. Here comes the conscience of the aspirant. You should be able to judge yourself when you are overdoing things. 


It is one of the most powerful tools to keep a mind healthy and stable. Many sportspeople regularly practice meditation to keep them focused. Meditation is an ideal way to rejuvenate the body and improve concentration power. Past year toppers often speak about the merits of practicing meditation.

Stay Motivated 

The champion Muhammad Ali had said, “Don’t count the days; make the days count”. This journey of preparation is long and tiring. It’s important to stay highly focused, serious and motivated. Success will be yours. 

I strongly believe above-mentioned habits will surely help aspirants in aligning them towards their target. If anyone has not started, believe me there is much time left and this is the ideal time to join the race and prepare well. 

Lastly I would like to end this article by remembering quotes from our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi , “Your actions becomes your habits, Your habits become your values and Your values become your destiny.”