Well, I wouldn’t believe anyone if they said that they worked day in and day out for something and didn’t feel a thing after achieving it. Of course, it feels great. An exam like that isn’t easy to crack and to be among the top 100 definitely requires a lot of efforts and consistency. So when you are finally there, you’re more than overwhelmed. You are the center of attraction of many conversations in and around your family. More than anything, you feel you deserve a break and a grand celebration, and of course, you do! People want to know how you did it and things are relaxed and comforting. 

However, this doesn’t last long. Things could get a little confusing after that. You would obviously get a government job or PSU. Though, what needs to be thought about, is how to go about it, which PSU to join, whether you want to prepare for higher studies, the postings that you might get, the work culture there and how compatible you are for the same. But once you have figured all that out, things start getting back to normal. Though you will still be asked questions about the books you used, your tactics, etc. People who probably once mocked you would start respecting you. There will be a change in your behavior too. You will be more confident about yourself, parents and peers will take pride in you and you will definitely lead a much easier and prosperous life. Numerous opportunities open up and there is a lot that comes your way. I mean, in such a competitive world, after so much hard work, who wouldn’t enjoy so much on their plate?! It surely changes your life, and for good!