GATE( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a graduate-level exam given by science and engineering students. As each day is passing by pressure is building up. Some people may have taken a drop to prepare while some are freshers. It may also happen some are preparing side by side with a job or higher studies. To excel in an exam like GATE one needs to be highly motivated, regular practice and dedication. Cracking this exam is itself a difficult task as many public sector and IITs are now inducting people from GATE. So stakes are high. For this, everyone needs a preparation strategy. A goal with a plan is just a wish. So in this article, we will be focusing on the preparation of GATE irrespective of the branch. 



Divide your whole day into a time-wise breakup of your day to day activities. There be a case where you are involved in some project work, job-related activities, etc. If you have taken a drop and have no work in hand, then also no problem is there. Divide your whole day into slots and find the gaps where you can adjust your work life and study life well. It will help you to be motivated and have a relaxed mind. Fix a timeline for completing a subject, test series, etc. Regularly mark your progress on excel file. It will help you to know your strengths and weakness.


2.Gather Resource 

Now you have already prepared the schedule. It’s time to collect resources for preparation. Coaching institutes and NPTEL lectures play a very important role here. A good source will help you in getting quality questions in a very short span of time. It will act as an ornament in your preparation. 



With the groundwork ready it’s time to attack the questions. Practice as many questions as possible. But do keep in mind to take a note of questions which you are not able to tackle in one go. These are the questions that you need to revise. This set of questions determines when one lacks concepts or practise. 



This the critical parameter in your success. Timely and efficient revision keeps you confident to tackle any question. Source of revision is your mistakes which you have done in attempting question bank or test series. Short notes are also helpful if written diligently. These short notes help in quick revision. Some candidates who do not prefer writing short notes can buy handbooks of respective disciplines. 


While the GATE exam is tough but with sheer dedication, success can be achieved. Greater the difficulty more the glory in surmounting it. If any doubts please feel free to ask in below comment section.