First, let’s get the gist of the exam. The GATE exam is a computer-based examination that is held on a national level if you are willing to gain admission into prestigious PG programs like ME, MTech, doctor of Philosophy, etc. FINAL YEAR students of Engineering, Technology, Architecture, etc. are eligible for the same.  If you’re going through this article, I’m sure you’re aware of the details of the examination so let’s concentrate on the DO’S and DONT’S, and how to remain motivated for this huge milestone.

Well, MOTIVATION, HARDWORK, and CONSISTENCY is what makes all the difference and get you a step ahead of the mob. It is not the amount of time that you put into your preparation a few months prior to the exam. It is the regular hardwork and day-to-day schedule that will give you an edge above the others. The definition of motivation may vary among individuals, but you have got to find yours. A few tips that might help include

1) Keep any sort of negativity away, anything that you think takes away your mind off your goal needs to be discarded. FOCUS is the key to success.

2)Take short breaks between your study hours. You could also take a nap(not exceeding 20 mins). It re-energizes your brain and you can think and grasp better.

3) If you’re not taking a nap, go ahead and see small videos that keep you motivated.

4) Write down a few motivational quotes that you relate to, in places that are usually in front of your eyes throughout the day.

5) Invest time in taking tips from people who have cracked the exam. One can always learn from other’s experiences.

Now, what you could DO include:


  • Keep your basics very clear. It boosts your performance exponentially.
  • Focus more on 2 markers.
  • Solve last 10-12 years question papers and Mock Tests as much as possible.
  • Joining some good coaching institutes may guide you better.
  • You HAVE TO be very good at Maths.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses well and prepare accordingly.
  • Always use standard books to keep your concepts clear.
  • Keep a strong and clear mind throughout the paper. Don’t panic.


Now, what not to do:


  • Don’t waste time. Don’t go about reading numerous books for a single topic.
  • Understand that you cannot score 100 in the exam, so you might as well, choose your subjects wisely, on which you can concentrate more. But, do not omit any subject from your preparation.
  • Don’t start your preparation with difficult subjects. Start with the easier ones.
  • Don’t discuss your doubts just before the exam. You might end up lowering your confidence.
  • Come what may do not lose hope.


Keep your morale high and your energy boosted. Have a positive attitude towards the exam. Put in all the hard work consistently with perseverance and efforts, and in no time, you shall pass with flying colors.