Prepare Signals and Systems for GATE ECE with GATE School
So, This is GATE School’s first article for subject wise preparation of GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering. In this article we will be covering the syllabus, the important questions and the resources that you can use to prepare Signals and Systems for GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering.

The syllabus includes:

  • Representation of continuous and discrete‐time signals
  • Shifting and scaling operations
  • Linear Time Invariant and Causal systems
  • Fourier series representation of continuous periodic signals
  • Sampling theorem
  • Applications of Fourier Transform
  • Laplace Transform
  • Z-Transform.

The important topics from Signals and Systems for GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering are:

  • Linear Time Invariant Systems (Impulse Response and Convolution, Causality, Time-Invariance, Stability, Linearity to determine properties of the system)
  • Continuous Discrete Time Signals (impact of Shifting and Scaling operations on the waveform of the signals, Periodic and Aperiodic, Even and Odd, Power and Energy Signals)
  • Fourier Transform (Analysis and Synthesis Equations, Properties of Transforms, Common Transform Pairs)
  • Laplace Transform (Region of Convergence, concept of Initial Value and Final Value theorem and stability verification)
  • Nyquist Rate and Nyquist Frequency (Band-Pass Sampling Theorem, practice drawing waveform when sampling frequency is less than Nyquist Frequency)

Good resources to study Signals and Systems for GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering are:

  • Signals & system by Alan V. Oppenheim
  • signals & systems by Tarun Kumar Rawat

So, Having given you these few details I would still not recommend you to study the books entirely if you are short on time. Hence, The reason being this will be a high investment of time on a single topic which may not be a wise thing to do. So, I would rather recommend you to get some personal help in case you are short on time. You can get a personal tutor who could probably come to your place and help you with your subjects. And at the end of the day GATE is all about practice and discipline. To secure a good rank you must practice immensely and remain disciplined in following your study plan.
Also, You can also consider an Online Course such as the one which we offer at GATE School.Here,  At GATE School we offer high quality videos by highly qualified professors. So,We also offer a personal mentor to every student who enrols for the course and provide ample of full portion and topic wise tests so that you can keep a track of your preparation.
Here ,I’ve added a video of one of our professors solving a sum on Fourier Series:

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