So, Preparations for GATE online are in full swing! Many are doing the prep for the first time, while others are ready to compete in the race with a renewed sense of energy and focus. So, For those of you who are appearing for the first time, we at GATE School are there to help you out with all your queries. Also, give you some tips which can ease your stress while you prepare.

GATE Virtual Calculator

GATE is a completely online test, which means all the questions will appear on the computer screen allotted to you and you will be expected to select the correct option from the MCQs. So,  Students are not allowed to carry any electronic items or papers into the examination hall. So, This means you will not be allowed to carry a calculator either. Also, The GATE website provides the students with a virtual calculator while they appear for the test. A scientific calculator will be provided to all the participants during the GATE Exam.

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Some Features about the Calculator

Following are some of the most important features of this technical virtual gadget. Read and understand each of this very well because this will be immensely helpful when you will appear for the GATE online examination.

If possible, try to operate the calculator along with reading the features one by one, this will help you understand the functionalities even better.

  • For easy access, the right-hand side of the online virtual calculator contains all the keys required for simple operations.
  • All scientific functions and operations are separated on the left-hand side of the scientific calculator.
  • Inverse functions have separate keys (no need to press SHIFT or INV keys).
  • Functions are grouped together for easy access.
  • All trigonometric functions are together.
  • Hyperbolic functions are grouped together.
  • Inverse functions are placed below the respective functions.
  • Two display boxes are provided at the top of the GATE virtual calculator. The top box indicates the sequence of the keys pressed (not the actual calculations) and is just for reference.
  • The display box below it indicates the actual values entered or obtained after calculations.


Also, We have also collated a set of FAQs that students generally have:

1). No option is available for calculations involving fractions. Why?

ANS: Because this is not a fractional calculator. NAT questions need the answers only in a decimal form.

2). How to convert polar to rectangular form and vice versa?

ANS: No separate keys are available for this. Candidates should use appropriate conversions using the calculator.

3). How to represent complex numbers?

ANS: Complex numbers cannot be represented in this calculator. All questions relating to any area where complex numbers might be deemed useful, eg. in power systems or other areas, can be solved using this calculator.


It’s a known thing that practice makes a man perfect. This scientific calculator is no exception. Though it might seem very technical and complex at the beginning if you regularly use it while you are preparing for the GATE online exam, then you will definitely get a hold of it. You can find the GATE virtual calculator for practice here. Use it every time you sit for the preparation.


Make you practice enough on this online virtual calculator so that you make yourself absolutely ready for the examination. Make yourself familiar with all the functionalities and technicalities of this. Try to find out each different function it has and focus on it so that you don’t get an unwanted surprise seating in the examination hall.

So keep practicing and in case you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments section below.

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